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Gagnez des heures sur vos AO avec nos recommandations
de shows de danse

Expand your AOs with photos and videos of dancers and shows adapted to your event concept.

Brief our communication and dance experts in just a few clicks. They will select the ideal matches for you from a database of over 200 shows and over 900 professional dancers.


Contemporary dancer

These brands and agencies trust us to find their dancers and dance shows

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The 3 reasons why you waste time
when you want to add dance to your recipes

Pro dancers are not easy to access
Dancers who have been on TV or had a buzz are too expensive or difficult to reach.
The lesser known but very talented dancers have not worked on their visibility.
You will only find their identities if you search the net for days.
And then you have to hope that they respond quickly to your message which will be drowned out in the middle of dozens of DMs.

Their photo video content is scattered on Youtube, Insta and Tiktok
If you manage to get in touch with the dancers/troupes/crews,
you must then collect the elements that will facilitate the client's projection.
Dancers rarely have these visual supports together in a file.
You must then collect everything by hand to decorate your presentation slides.

Retrieving logistical and budgetary information takes even more time
You have to fit within a budget envelope and you need precise figures.
These figures are never communicated clearly by the artist-dancers.
Recovering them will require several exchanges with the dancers.
If you managed to make the first contact of course.

Ces difficultés, nous les connaissons par coeur, car toutes les marques que nous accompagnons y sont confrontées.

Good news: with the right intermediaries, overcoming them is easy.

Julie Arend_edited.jpg

Julie Arend, French briefs

" The profiles proposed to meet our briefs

were of very good quality, varied and adapted to our needs. "

Pierrette autre photo.png

Pierrette Diaz, Territory x Filorga

“Émilie was the ideal dancer for our purpose because she was at the age we expected and also because she promotes the freedom of expression of French women.”

Red is dancing guarantees

Your dancers are selected by experts

You communicate to our experts your brief or important information about your project. And you will receive tailor-made profiles and shows by email within 48 hours to enhance your review.

Prices are clear to help you finalize your budgets quickly

You validate the last logistical details with our experts.
After that, you receive a precise quote for the event project you are preparing.

You benefit from the database
the most complete on the market

Your next dancers can be found in a database made up of 900 of the best French and European dancers.
Our Red is dancing experts have been enriching this list of professional dancers since 2016.

“Zero mental load” support

Managing art can take time and energy.
For us, it's simple. So we want it to become that for you.

1/ Complete our simplified brief in just a few minutes

Click on the “receive our recommendation” button.

Then give us the important elements of your project. As much financial as logistical and artistic.

2/ Receive our recommendations
casting/show in 48 hours

The profiles that match your request are found by our experts.

You receive their selection within 48 hours by email and can adjust the search if necessary.

3/ Confirm your interest with one of our experts

If you like our research, book a 15-minute call with one of our communication and dance experts. Confirm the details of the project with him (schedules, budget, etc.) and receive a tailor-made quote.

4/ Validate talents

Receive the final list of OK talents with your conditions.
Validate the dancers or groups you want for your project.

And what happens if you win the AO?
What's next?

Congratulations first of all!
Then if your client has actually validated the dance activities, we can move on to the rest of our collaboration.
We will manage the dancers, their show and their professionalism for you until the big day.
The price is already included in the quote announced during the tender.
No additional fees.

5/ Recover a secure contract

The criteria for your project are published in a simple contract that we have the dancer sign.

You are protected.

6/ Enjoy the show

You can now calmly wait for the big day.

A “chaperone” ensures the professionalism of the talents (schedules, outfits and attitude).

And the dancers prepare the performance you will love.

Capture d’écran 2024-01-03 à 13.34_edited.png

Jérôme B, Eurosport

“Velvet. A pleasure to see him dancing in this place.
And the interview was great. He puts his voice calmly
and only says relevant things."
casting dancers film Red Bull

Red is dancing has been the reference for recruitment and management of dancers since 2016

Benefit from our experience in recruitment of all kinds: events, film shootings, photo shoots, sponsorship or influence campaigns.

+200 projets

dance styles


A look back at some castings

Road safety, Color and care, Red Bull, Eurosport, Ibis hotels.

  • How much does a dancer cost?
    The price for a single dancer starts at €600 excluding tax for a simple performance. This price can go up to €10K depending on demand. Indeed, a 3-hour show by a star dancer (seen on TV and having 100K followers) which requires weeks of rehearsal will cost you more than a 4-minute performance without rehearsal for a gala. In addition, it is necessary to know the nature of the project (event service or film for example) and the potential rights (1 year France or 2 years worldwide for example). In conclusion, the more information you give on your request, the more accurate the dancer's price will be.
  • Where do I land if I click the “I want a free recommendation” button?
    You arrive on a search form. This is the brief that launches your search. It will take you 3 minutes. You enter information about the dancer(s) you want. And information on the nature of your project. Depending on your answers, you will receive, free of charge, within 24 hours in your mailbox, the talents that match your search criteria.
  • Is the search free?
    Yes, until February 29. Benefit from a free search among more than 200 shows and more than 800 dancers.
  • Do I have to pay dancers and casting experts separately?
    No. Everything comes together on one invoice. You only pay for Red is dancing. It is Red is dancing which then pays each speaker: artist or not.
  • When do I have to pay?
    You first receive a free preview of the talents selected for you. Without engagement. If this research makes you want to see more and launch a complete casting, you can contact our team. During this call, we collect the last necessary information (duration of rights, logistical aspects and some details about your search) to prepare a complete quote for you. You then receive a precise quote. If you accept and sign this quote, you will receive a 50% deposit invoice. The balance invoice will arrive the day after the performance.
  • Do all dancers have the same price?
    No. Even if all the dancers proposed are excellent dancers, some stand out even more. They have a premium profile. Because they have more experience. Because they have worked for big brands or big artists. Because they are atypical and therefore rare. Because they have a large number of subscribers on the networks. This therefore has an impact on their price. We will tell you this during the search confirmation call and when sending the quote. However, for group performances, we make sure to pay the dancers the same rate for the sake of cohesion. You can freely indicate whether you prefer good dancers or premium dancers.
  • If I only want one dancer for the big day, will I still receive more to make my final choice?
    Yes. You always receive more proposals than the necessary number. And if you don't find your favorite among the proposals, our experts are launching a second round of casting.
  • How long does each step of the casting process take?
    Thanks for asking. ⌚️ Indicate your search criteria in the form: 3 minutes ⌚️ Receive by email dancers/shows that match your search: 24 hours max ⌚️ Specify the details of the project by call to establish a quote: 15 min max ✅ Write the contract: 0 min ✅ Have the contract signed: 0 min ✅ Manage the dancers until the big day: 0 min
  • Can I cancel my search?
    Yes, before the quote is signed. Then, it's impossible because our experts work from the moment you sign the quote to deliver professional profiles to you within 72 hours.
  • What if I cancel the dancers' performance after receiving the casting?
    You must pay a 70% deduction on the validated and signed quote. Indeed, the casting experts have already worked, the dancers may have started rehearsing and above all, they have blocked the date of the performance for you by refusing other requests.
  • How can you be sure that the dancer is professional?
    You are covered by a contract signed by the dancer. This contract mentions the artist's obligations. It stipulates in particular that the dancer must be professional (courtesy, punctuality, confidentiality, good faith and loyalty). In addition, we guarantee the professionalism of the artists we offer you. We have worked with them in the past or interact regularly with them and know them.
  • How can we be sure that the dancer shares our company values?
    If you specify your values during your brief, we will take them into account to offer you the right profile(s). We know almost all of our talents and their values personally. And if we're missing the info, we'll ask them directly for you.
  • Are the dancers proposed among the best?
    Yes. They were selected for their artistic and stage skills and their professionalism. Among them, some stand out even more. They have a premium profile. This therefore has an impact on their price. We will tell you this during the search confirmation call and when sending the quote. You can freely indicate whether you prefer good dancers or premium dancers.
  • Do you offer all dance styles?
    Yes, from classical to hip-hop through voguing and bharatanatyam. Test us.
  • Are the proposed dancers used to being on film sets?
    Most of them. For some, this will be a first. And that is the magic of our profession. Listen to you, understand your project and, based on the information, guide you towards the right dancer. Sometimes it will be a dancer who has already shot 25 films or commercials, sometimes it will be a dancer who is new to filming. You will have the choice. And in both cases, they will break the screen in their own way.

Votre sélection de danseurs sur-mesure

From €600 excluding tax to book a dancer.

From €1000 excluding tax to book a dance show.

+ 15 criteria to guide the search for talent by our communication and dance experts.

Drafting of contracts and logistics taken care of by Red is dancing.

A database of more than 200 shows and more than 800 reliable dancers

casting dancer film Color & care

Focus on one of the experts

Yohann Ancele

"I worked from 2007 to 2017 in an advertising agency as a designer-editor. There I responded to briefs from brands such as Volvic, Danone, FDJ or Decathlon. And I designed around fifty advertising films.

At the same time, I developed my passion for professional dance.

From 2013, I started filming and photographing dancers in my free time.

Then I threw myself into the deep end with Red is dancing in 2017 to mix dance and communication.

Since 2017, I have traveled to France, Switzerland, Poland, India, USA, Spain, Austria and Belgium to identify the talents of tomorrow, work with them and offer brands unique opportunities to shine. "

Portrait Yohann Ancele
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