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Paris is Kissing

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A vibrant tribute, a way of remembering through the universal language of dance that Paris is and will remain the city of love in spite of the attacks of which its inhabitants are victims. Paris lives, Paris moves, Paris loves. Whatever happens.

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Red's Mission

Creating Viral Videos
Dance and movement convey strong emotions. That's why we use it to tell universal stories, allowing us to reach out to vast audiences and start conversations across platforms. Thanks to the power of movement and dance, we help your brands increase their visibility and maximize their exposure by creating viral videos. 
Producing Audiovisual Content
RED IS DANCING is a team of creatives, artists, storytellers, dancers and directors. We bring ideas to life through the use of dance and storytelling working with dancers from around the world and know how to capture their talents.
Engaging in Humanitarian and Social Projects

Through dance, barriers can be broken down, cultures can come together, creating hope, unity, solidarity and collaboration. We are determined to show that there is good in every situation, and it’s important to keep a positive outlook on life… in other words, DANCE NO MATTER WHAT!


Red is Who?

Redha Medjellekh is a filmmaker, choreographer, entrepreneur and dancer whose mission to tell viral stories through dance has brought him to work with companies, brands and organizations around the globe. 


Born in Lyon, France as a third-generation Algerian immigrant, Redha was raised by his parents as well as his extended family, with strong family values and cultural awareness. Dance was part of those values and from an early age, he was surrounded by it. Redha quickly realized that dance has the power to break down barriers; that people of any social or ethnic background and of any age can come together and dance. 


Over the past year, Redha’s work has included over 80 viral videos, documentaries, short films and ad campaigns which have attracted over 100 million views and put forth his message: “Dance no Matter What”. 

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Yohann Ancele
  • Learner and observer 24/7 
  • Ideas builder
  • Expressive eye-brows
  • Trying to make your (work) life easier
Katya Martín
Production Manager
  • Spanish/American
  • Writer/Director/Actor
  • Ex-ballroom dancer, still dance lover
  • Mover and Shaker 
Production Coordinator
  • West-Indian of 25
  • Food enthusiast
  • Hip-Hop dance specialist
  • Don't like to work at a desk
Eddy Garcia
  • French
  • Motion designer
  • Art enthusiast
  • Video essayist
Shuhan Xie
Junior Producer
  • NYU Gallatin - Dance Psychology undergrad
  • Photography enthusiast
  • Only non-French speaker on the team

Red in the Press


Career & Internships

Red Is Dancing is proud to offer hands-on, engaging internships for all school semesters (fall, winter, spring & summer). We are an Equal Opportunity Employer, and we encourage all qualified individuals to apply.

For consideration, please email resumé and cover letter to contact@redisdancing.com with "[name] - [semester] Internship" in the subject line. Incomplete applications will not be considered. No phone calls please.

Please note that this application is for production and administrative interns only; Red Is Dancing does not hold auditions for prospective dancers.


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